Ashamed to not know

Society changes when we change what we’re embarrassed about.
In just fifty years, we’ve made it shameful to be publicly racist.
In just ten years, someone who professes to not know how to use the internet is seen as a fool.
The question, then, is how long before we will be ashamed at being uninformed, at spouting pseudoscience, at believing thin propaganda?
How long before it’s unacceptable to take something at face value?
How long before you can do your job without understanding the state of the art?

Does access to information change the expectation that if you can know, you will know? We can argue that this will never happen, that it’s human nature to be easily led in the wrong direction and to be willfully ignorant.
The thing is, there are lots of things that used to be human nature, but due to culture and technology, no longer are.

Seth Godin

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2 thoughts on “Ashamed to not know

  1. I’m not sure if this was inspired by the recent KONY2012 movement or not.. but that’s what I was reminded of. I often wonder whether just believing in something is enough anymore. So many have such strong beliefs but are put down for not knowing every single detail and fact about what they believe in. I think society is already changing in this way. We are all expected to research and know the facts because they are so readily and easily available to us. I’m not sure if I agree with this. But it’s interesting. Thank you for this post, made me think!

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