Are your ideas really your ideas?

Do we originally ever conceive an idea.
I mean everyday we are bombarded with so much information, from friends, the media, our environment.
All these mediums speculate ideas.
My question, will anyone be able to conceive an idea, if it weren’t for the stream of information available to us?
I guess we definitely need info to tinker new ideas.
Hence the question, are your ideas really your own?

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One thought on “Are your ideas really your ideas?

  1. Monarc says:

    Take this: each man is at centre of his world. Without his existence, the world would not exist. He has to be alive before he can feel the world and the world has to be there before he can ‘feel’ alive. The world converges within him. Everyday, there’s something going on within this body, it is changing. Just because these little things don’t constellate within a day does not mean there are no ideas forming. The stone that tripped a man today forms this idea – “a man must be aware of the road he’s on lest he trip”. That is both literal and metaphorical. Whichever it is, it prepares him for newer and more advanced discoveries later.

    Besides, the ideas that are said to be from a single person are ideas that are part of the world. They already exist there, if they didn’t, the man would not see them – this is another case for the convergence of the world within a man. Nobody really owns an idea, they are just expressed by people. However, there must be some commemoration for an idea cannot be torn away from its unique history otherwise you divorce it from the world. This is a world as defined by humans but we do not realize that in our hubris which makes us exclusive centre of world so we think it actually belongs to someone – in much the same way that we treat land tenure.

    This is how I have found ideas to be perceived by humans.

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