On Purpose

A good purpose can be striving to build something that stands before the sceptre of time without collapsing in self-degradation. Such an achievement allows one to pursue other projects in life – like a family, like educating others, like travel, like life. One should faithfully stay away from vain, short-term pursuits.

Build for the future so you can relax but remember that it is done one day at a time – remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare. When you are tired, sleep; when you are sick, rest; do not over-exert yourself. You build slowly, the matter is about advancing so that the struggle and the time away from the rest of your life is less – the long-term is accumulated short-term. In this case, it matters that you think – advice from inside yourself and outside yourself – for thinking quickens the hands.

In a nutshell, one must have long-term goals that drive and guide ones short-term goals. Each achieves something – the short gives you what you need to stay alive and achieve the long.


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