Can natural be planned.

Can natural be planned?
Is it possible to elicit the right emotions from an actor on a film set. In movies a character is presumed to play his role well, if he can get out the right emotions required in that instance. But are these actors emotions, reaction, not overrated – and hasn’t it slowly influenced the way people actually react – its a tricky situation, that’s what I see.

So what is even real then, how do we separate real from what is perceived real these days.

What is real and what is natural anyway – Because our world keeps changing and everything with it seems to becoming more artificial. Even though we can go back to what natural is -the means through which nature conceives and comes to fruition – have we not lost what natural is?

Can we find one original seed which has not yet tasted fertilizer.

It seems to me like there’s a whole evolution on going and we are far from one beginning and at the start of another
What is natural today is determined by a greater programming, so is what is real.

To be continued

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