Break The Ice Means “New Life”

Okay, there’s an analogy that we shall use to discuss an important topic:

“Break the ice”

This means to initiate an activity. It refers to the breaking of ice on the surface of a water body to gain access to the liquid underneath. Usually, after this is done, the rest of the ice will slowly but surely give way for the whole body of water to be open to access.

To follow on from that metaphor and apply it to the fear of frontiers in ones life, we see that our first step gates the vast ocean of possibilities that awaits us. It shows us how important that first step is.

When we have shaky legs, it is important to take that first step forward. It will be awkward, yes, but courage was never for those who were sure of themselves. The only reason it is courage is because you are afraid – without fear, there is no courage.

We are afraid because we are unsure of how to go about it – this is the source of the initial awkwardness. Even if people laugh at your awkwardness or hate your change, it doesn’t matter, you have begun a new life.

Just take that first step and the rest is just a walkthrough.

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One thought on “Break The Ice Means “New Life”

  1. Joe Pineda says:

    Great post. It wasn’t complicated or contrived, because it didn’t need to be. I see that change in order to spice up life and make it wonderful is indeed a motif in your blog, and I’m sure it’s a delight for people to read you just like it is for me.

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