Association – Just change the familiar

Be in the right company, is not a new idea. Its a basic part of every culture. Because there are diverse kinds of persons in every environment, it becomes important one chooses which kind of people to associate with.

One thing this advice, didnt say though is that the energy levels of the people you associate with affects you. Anytime you with a person depending on your energy levels, you either make an impression on them or they make an impression on you.
Like electrons our orbits are always interacting, and energies exchanged until each orbit is balanced.
This is the more reason you need to associate with the right people. If you want to be smart associate with smart people, and you’ll end up picking up on their vibes. You’ll start reading what they read, drinking what they read, wearing what they wear. And the truth is all these things they do, is because of the way they think. In no time when you start doing what they do, you’ll start thinking like they do. And voila …

People around you are your biggest influence. The reason why their influence is so powerful, its because its subtle.
Its funny but as humans we are prone to doing the familiar.
The magic is you dont need to struggle with not doing the familiar. Just change the familiar.

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