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His story could be different

In the end life tells its own tale.

After yesterday’s event, I keep having flash backs and asking why. Why does he have to do all these menial jobs?
Why is it so hard, that he has to fend for himself – without no one to complain to, or to explain to him the questions that bothers his mind. And he has no education.
“the streets have taught me to do what I have to to survive. I have nothing like dreams – all I know is I need to get money, and that’s all I dream of”… His answer to my question: “do you have any dreams”. He’s ambitious. And if the community was a little responsible for its own, his energies, intelligence and hustling prowess could be channeled else where. Who knows what positive change he could bring…

Kojo is thirteen , he loves music, and he can neither read nor write. He’s a garbage boy, an errand boy and also works in a stone quarry. His story could be different.


Attitude To Religion

It’s sad that the historical validity of the existence of religious teachers is relied upon in order to appreciate the teachings. Whatever may be the reputation behind a set of words, one could give it a chance at making meaning. Perhaps, the words said have quite significant sense in them in interpreting the experience of life.

An attitude to life that takes the negative and interprets or redirects it positively is quite a valuable one and will get one far. The proverbial dark cloud with a silver lining.

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Need As Love

At the popular breakfast spot today, the toddler requested for money from the oldman:

“Oldman, gimme money, oldman gimme money…”

The oldman smiled at this as he took out a coin for the approaching boy. He might have been his grandfather, I didn’t ask. However, what I’m gonna say still works; what hit me was this:

People love to be needed. That sense of being needed is one of love because, it is first a sense of acceptance. It works like this: the needed always fills a void, a need. In that sense, a need leads to an acceptance. An empty glass cannot be filled without accepting the incoming liquid.

But, to wish to be needed extensively by one person is an undeveloped sense of love for extended need is dependency.

Need as fledgling love.

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The Birth Of Responsibility

A lot of people think having a family will give them a sense of responsibility that will make them take life more seriously. This betrays a lack of love for both self and other.

At once one is born, one is responsible for what is around one. Ones presence affects the goings-on around one. One is responsible for the men and things around one and their relationship to him. This means one is supposed to take more seriously the effects one has on others as well as the effects they have on one.

It is interesting that as one figures more clearly hence more truthfully the men and things around one plus ones relationships with them, one also figures more of oneself. One of the strongest arts of nature is mimicry and humanity has it in abundance – it however does not have to be exact.

Life as soon as it begins is already serious business. Everything’s a son, a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend.

This is a notion to inspire an attitude to life not that life is actually so.

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Whats her story?

In the end life tells its own tale.

For months now I have been watching …
A woman and her child of about 2 years who live in a broken kiosk. I can imagine how well she clothes her baby at night to prevent him from the cold and the insatiate bites of mosquitoes.
I wondered how they’d survived the past years.
But the questions won’t stop..
How did she end up this way? she seems like a very responsible person. How do they survive?
And as if it were any worse, they lost the kiosk yesterday – she sleeps with her child in an uncompleted building with no roofing. I tear for her –
Whats her story?

Problem Of Language

Language has taken such a beating in recent times that you wonder if you and another are saying anything meaningful to each other. The enormous subjectivity in the world makes one wonder: “does he even understand me at all? are we speaking the same language?”.

It clearly emphasizes the need for a shared or objective language.

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The Importance of Information In Daily Life

It is important to make informed decisions. People usually forget this principle when they or someone they love is hurt. How does one make a painting without a vision? One must look carefully and then clear thinking can have the material to make a decision.

Because of this ignorance, they hurt more than they have been hurt. This is primarily the origin of revenge emotions but that is another topic.

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Starting Up

Starting up anything is not easy. It can always be compared to climbing a steep hill – baby steps is required at the start. Testing is very essential for every start up – it will enable you find your core in the industry.
It is always good to be new and testing helps you identify the cool new that is you,that fits what you do.

Reorienting your perceptions

Today I figured out something pretty interesting. How does one pierce through the reality of his perceptions?
The answer is to mess up with the patterns of your memories and dream states.

What kind of world do you see

What kind of world do you see? If you care to know its important the kind of world you see, because it determines who and what you become. There are two worlds, a world of endless possibilities and a world of endless constraints. You choose and you’ll get served.

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