The Problem Of Purpose #2

Continued from: The Problem Of Purpose #1

A firm possession of purpose is good motivation to alleviate your problems. Once a purpose is set, one realizes that personal problems are impediments in achieving them.

People who have aims see mishaps as challenges and meet them for their eyes are on the prize. They exercise due prudence but it is the prize or nothing – that does not mean shun the rest of your life like most do. Without aims, one will have problems because life looks purposeless. The exercise of due diligence to solve them is absent for there is nothing to drive such application of self. When they are just there, getting inadequate or no able attention, mishaps will be annoying grievances – problems.

Some advice on finding ones purpose is therefore very valuable.

As you solve the ‘problems’, new parts of your life are uncovered and you enjoy life even more than you bargained for.

One has to be creative to solve problems. Get yourself a purpose and indirectly solve your problems and make your life better.

Continued: The Problem Of Purpose #3

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