The Problem Of Purpose #3

Continued from: The Problem Of Purpose #2

One good way to find your purpose is to find that which pricks you most, that you haven’t achieved.

People get hurt at many things, physical and emotional, some of them are easily forgotten, some less so, and others, not at all. Here, let us focus, using an example, on those that have to do with life accomplishments.

Example: if one is deeply hurt from insult aimed at ones poverty and its effect on quality of life – it means one wishes to achieve material wealth and a better quality of life. At that, you then set the purpose and initiate study of the behaviors of those who are wealthy and model after them. Observe the behaviors that make them successful, not those that bring them down. Study the rise of the man, study his downfall, now, do the calculations and you know what to and what not to do.

How to achieve purposes is a whole other topic, a big one.

There are many role models in the world, you can compare your life to theirs and try to make your life better through their accomplishments. It is not envy, it is taking an opportunity from anothers good fortune. You find which role impassions you most to get – it hurts you that you do not have it. You do not envy the person, you just want to achieve some of what he has. There’s nothing wrong with modeling.

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