Whats her story?

In the end life tells its own tale.

For months now I have been watching …
A woman and her child of about 2 years who live in a broken kiosk. I can imagine how well she clothes her baby at night to prevent him from the cold and the insatiate bites of mosquitoes.
I wondered how they’d survived the past years.
But the questions won’t stop..
How did she end up this way? she seems like a very responsible person. How do they survive?
And as if it were any worse, they lost the kiosk yesterday – she sleeps with her child in an uncompleted building with no roofing. I tear for her –
Whats her story?


One thought on “Whats her story?

  1. Joe Pineda says:

    It’s in cases like these that I can’t help but think that sometimes the first people that care are writers. I don’t know why this reminded me so much of Cosette from Les Miserables.

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