The Birth Of Responsibility

A lot of people think having a family will give them a sense of responsibility that will make them take life more seriously. This betrays a lack of love for both self and other.

At once one is born, one is responsible for what is around one. Ones presence affects the goings-on around one. One is responsible for the men and things around one and their relationship to him. This means one is supposed to take more seriously the effects one has on others as well as the effects they have on one.

It is interesting that as one figures more clearly hence more truthfully the men and things around one plus ones relationships with them, one also figures more of oneself. One of the strongest arts of nature is mimicry and humanity has it in abundance – it however does not have to be exact.

Life as soon as it begins is already serious business. Everything’s a son, a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend.

This is a notion to inspire an attitude to life not that life is actually so.

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