His story could be different

In the end life tells its own tale.

After yesterday’s event, I keep having flash backs and asking why. Why does he have to do all these menial jobs?
Why is it so hard, that he has to fend for himself – without no one to complain to, or to explain to him the questions that bothers his mind. And he has no education.
“the streets have taught me to do what I have to to survive. I have nothing like dreams – all I know is I need to get money, and that’s all I dream of”… His answer to my question: “do you have any dreams”. He’s ambitious. And if the community was a little responsible for its own, his energies, intelligence and hustling prowess could be channeled else where. Who knows what positive change he could bring…

Kojo is thirteen , he loves music, and he can neither read nor write. He’s a garbage boy, an errand boy and also works in a stone quarry. His story could be different.


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