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Is it possible that people will ever stop for a minute and not judge a book by its cover.
Is it possible that people will never again be fooled by looks. Is it possible that at a certain point , people will actually learn not to identify every person by the associative picture we have in our minds.
Because , interesting enough, we all have pictures of what good is and what bad is. Pictures of what perfect is and what ugly is. And time and time again we are often proven wrong, that one cannot solely judge what the ” good stuff” is made up of just by looking at it.
Its a difficult when we live on the premise of the pseudo-truth our physical senses present us with , every time we make those blink judgments.

Can we ever stop and not judge?

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If only we would could see without comments we will see.

The Unfamiliar thought indicate mind‘s recognition without identification; but Familiar thought suggests not only a recognition but also an identification in relation to psychological or associative memory. In fact, in the familiar thought there is no interval between recognition and identification. It is mind’s identification in the midst of perception that causes distraction and divert attention. In the moments of experiencing if one could stay with the unfamiliar then there would be no distraction. One would know a totality of attention.
If only we would could see without comments we will see.

There is something very interesting I noticed about this statement. And today I was more like experimenting with the idea.
I was in a meeting where they did a lot of talking from morning till night, which was quite interesting. What I did was to listen attentively ; What I realized is when I listened attentively without asking questions, they answered the questions on my mind. Or as they even went on with their speech, they explained a point that was not clear at the start.

Is it then ok, to let people to just talk and then listen – And not interrupt their speech with any questions but rather pay close attention to what they want to say, and after that, ask yourself the questions; did I get him, or I lost him completely?

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A sense of responsibility

Each and every day, I understand more and more. I’ve realized every event , every circumstance is to force us to become captains of our own souls. To decide on a course of direction and not let whatever tides that may come, sway us.
Because we owe our love ones this much, because we owe the world this much; to make an impression on this ever evolving world.
Our every thought, every word, every deed is shaping this universe. This is the gift we’ve been given, so we can’t afford to be mediocres – each of us has a unique impression to make. We are all partakers of creating our universe and each person has something special and unique to contribute.
The evolution of this universe is your responsibility, and it starts making a concious effort to make a difference in your own small world.

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