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Is Education a solution to a need?

Think about  it, why do you want to be educated?
What do you want to be educated for?
What do you need education for?

Once we begin to think about education in our terms; I believe we will begin to realize what education really is.

Long long ago, probably 800 years ago. A boy growing up in the Africa was educated. He was given the necessary skills to help him survive, create and fend for his family.
He was given the skill to build a house , to hunt for animals, and to grow and harvest crops. 
He was taught to find out the right sort of clay that will help build a home that will last. He was thought the importance of building a home that looked like moon, so natural elements like light and air will have their place in his home. And most importantly so harmony and unity will have a place in his home……….

There was a reason behind the education our ancestors gave to their children, and every artefact they created was to serve their needs. And each person was trained and given the skills needed for every individual to flourish and for the society to grow.
Education then, was serving a need.

Why do we educate today, what need is education serving. 

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