The street was dark, a rough patch to the main road. As he stood there, not looking back, in a stance as if listening and waiting for something to happen… He sensed someone closing the space. “ Yo man where you dey go”; a voice from behind him. He stood still in his position.
Yo man I sey where you dey go!  He sounded angry  – he sounded crazy  – he sounded like he has been meaning to hurt someone for a longtime. It was going to be a long dawn.
“This boi paa, what u dey figure”, why are you standing that stiff… why u piss for your body? Kwashiaaaa; he scorned
He was very close now and Kwame could sense him only two feet away. A heavy hand hits his shoulders – exactly what he was waiting for. He grabbed the guys hand, twisted his wrist and turned with a kick into his ribs. As the guy went down, still holding his hand, he drove his knee into his face. “Agiee”, ooo, mm. the guy groaned.

As the guy was lying on the ground, suddenly a thought struck him; “why did I even stand here, what was I trying to prove.

The thought was a good one, because there was more trouble coming.  Suddenly something hit him hard in the head, he felt a sharp pain in his head. He couldn’t stand it; he fell to the ground. 
He stayed on the ground for a while, he then tried to look up, but his vision was blurry. He closed his eyes and looked again, still blurry, but this time he saw four guys, one wearing something white on his head and with a plank in his hands.
He was confused, and as he tried to stand to his feet. He moved a few steps back and tripped over something that felt like a body and fell on his back with his head hitting the ground. It was a heavy impact and his head started to bleed.
He could hear the four guys laughing, and one said “I told you, I was going to come get you.” The voice was familiar, it sounded like Nii Simpe..


A week ago; Kwame had done the formidable, trying to prove himself by flirting with Nii Simpe’s girl.  Everyone knew Nii Simpe ; he was the wrong guy to mess with any day. He was surly and vindictive, and will to any extent to pay you in your coin and extra, plus he had his own gang.

Kwame felt he needed to pick on him, in order, to get more respect. And the best way, he thought, was to flirt with his girl. He knew a bunch of psychological tricks, to play on the minds of girls. That was his trade, to lure girls to his bed, or any man’s bed. He just had to know the type of girl you were by asking a few questions. And then he could do his magic.

There he was in the bar… talking to the girl.  Kwame wasn’t good looking. No. He didn’t have the face of “our everyday hero”. But there was something about him. It probably had to do with the way he talked, the way he smiled. The way his hands moved, and the look in his eyes, every time he spoke. He spoke as if his intention was to turn you on. He seemed to have this pulse in his voice like he waited for his watch to tick, before he spoke. This made him attractive – So Kwame was an average good-looking guy, but very well groomed.
As he was talking to the girl, with his hands on her back… He lowered the hands slowly to her waist and then down and up. And then finally his hands rested on his waist and slowly he slipped his hands into the back of her jeans, feeling her butt.

He seemed to be very comfortable still talking to the girl about pretty trivial issues. The girl didn’t know how to react, because the conversation was juicy and the feel of his hands at her back didn’t seem unusual.

Soon, he whispered something into her ears and then kissed her… someone had spotted them and went to tip off Nii Simpe.
Nii Simpe came in very angry and that’s exactly what Kwame wanted.
He came in,thinking of nothing less than beating the hell out of him. He came in on them, held Kwame by the arm and pushed him to floor.
Nii Simpe turned to her girl and slapped her, and started to diss her; in the process Kwame lifted a bottle and crushed it on his head. Kwame further thrust his foot into his chest and Nii hit and broke a table.

He left the bar, after a two quick shots of vodka; he had made his point, Nii Simpe lying on the floor.


When he realized Nii Simpe’s voice, he knew the night was nowhere near over, and that possibly this could be the end of his life. He knew Nii Simpe and his guys were ruthless and he was going to pay for the silly stunt he had pulled.

Out of nowhere, while he lay there on the ground he felt an urge to attack. He mustered all the strength he could , stood to his feet , and ran into Nii Simpe. The force was enough to put Nii on the ground and he started to punch his face mercilessly. The four guys pulled him from Nii Simpe. Angrily, they grabbed whatever they could find around and started to thrash him.

Kwame was beaten heavily, he was left lying there with his ribs broken, blood gushing out of his head and his jaw bone displaced. His hands were broken, because he kept blocking and covering his face the whole time.

He was lying on the ground in his blood, he could barley breathe. He lay there with his hands over his face, his knee bent to his stomach. He wanted to reach to his phone in his pocket and call Seth but his arms couldn’t move.
He felt like calling for help, but his voice was shuttered, he could barely hear himself.
After a while, the air was unusually quiet. It seemed as if the air was not moving. He felt really cold and was shivering. He was losing blood, lots of it, as he won’t stop bleeding. His breath was becoming heavier; blood and sand seem to block his nose. His chest was in pain, it felt like his lungs had been crushed. His eyes shut.



Seth had been waiting at the bar for hours. He tried calling Kwame’s phone, it was switched off: it put him off. “I am tired, why is he so proud, to hell with him and his game. Why does he have to keep me sitting here waiting, when he knows, he’s not going to come. I have always had your back, you bastard…and I have followed your every lead. You barely listen to me, or even take notice of my opinions. You always think you know better.

Seth, felt like he’d been a fool for Kwame, too long and it was all going to come to an end that night.  He decided to leave for home. He was very angry and disappointed in his friend.  He promised himself, he was not going to call him or visit his place until; he called or came to his house to offer a sincere apology.

On his way home, he felt like he’d been battered for way too long, not with strikes or blows, but with the repeated indignation he had from Kwame. The feeling made him weak inside.

He walked on home slowly, feeling very lonely and lost. He had no particular friends.  Suddenly he realized what a mess, his life had been. It seemed like his whole life was centered on Kwame and he’d done nothing for himself.
He took out his phone, scrolled the contact list and called his mum…the phone rang for a long while, yet no one picked up. It was 1:30 am,” mum is asleep by now, I shouldn’t bother her, I guess.”

His walk had brought him to the point, where he usually crossed the high way to Kwame’s street. He stopped there, looking from across the street.  An insistent voice in his head kept telling him to go to Kwame’s house and tell him, how bad he feels.
He thought it wise to do that, so he crossed the highway. He was walking to Kwame’s house, but suddenly, he stopped.  A part of him, felt really stupid going there and telling him, what was on his mind. He turned back. He saw a taxi, stopped it, and entered. He headed home.




Portia had been driving for at least two hours – she had been searching everywhere. She had gotten out of her part of town, searching.  It was all quiet on the Kanehsie highway, after she’d driven out of her part of town; Dansoman.

She decided to head for Circle, it was 1:30am , she was on  drive – the engine hums and the gears change 2345. She was on high speed, frustrated, tired and confused. She got to the Danquah roundabout and made a turn to the east, towards circle and then from circle, she headed for Osu. She just kept hitting the accelerator till she saw a police barrier ahead and thinking it could mean trouble, she makes a turn into a dark street.  And starts to drive slowly, a few meters ahead and then the headlights bring to her vision, someone lying on the ground.
He seemed to be in a pool of blood, it strikes her; “Could this be Teeray”… But how, how could he have ended up here?  There were many possibilities; robbery, thugs, boarded the wrong taxi, kidnapped..

She drove a little closer and stopped; she looked on to the body from the car, and began to sob. “Put yourself together, let’s see if it’s him”; she told herself. She breathe in deeply, scared to step out. She opened her door slowly, stayed there for a while; breathe again and finally stepped out.

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