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An inherent drive to thrive

Today I was outside playing with the kids in my house,when from no where one of the kids came calling, “Sammy, Sammy me too”. At that instance a thought struck me which put a smile on my face.

Kwame is about 18months old, and I was amazed at his ability to express himself in that manner. The truth is I shouldn’t really be but I watched this child grow. His growth was gradual, from crawling to walking, from learning to use his tongue to now mastering speech.

The occurence got me contemplating the human capabilities; our ability to do things beyond a point we reckon.

Probably sitting back every now and then to watch babies grow up, will be able to remind us of our capabilities; that we can become, be and have anything, that in us lies an inherent drive to thrive – and possibilities are endless.

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