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Selling the right emotions

No matter what … , you are selling emotions; so far as its got to do with communicating an idea.
The earlier you realize this truth the better.
In woeing a girl, a guy has to sell the feelings of security, love and trust. Looking well dressed up , with your mind set straight, a good job , and also acting macho and confident gives the girl a sense of security. She’s able to show you off to her peers and talk about you ,and basically walk around with you, with a beam of pride on her face. She feels good around you; she feels secured.
The guy also sells love and trust by giving the girl lots of attention.

A real estate agent must sell the feelings of luxury, comfortability, sophistication, security, and the feelings of belonging.

Humans make 99% of their decisions based on feelings. Does it feel right matters more than is it logical.
It is therefore important to sell right, and selling right means asking; what sort of emotions do I need to communicate.
Pay attention, and you’ll know .
You’ll the know the right emotions to sell.

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