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The root of excellence

Have you ever wondered why doing something for a long time makes you intuitively good at it. I mean an experienced chef without measuring would be able to put together the right amount of water, salt and other ingredients for a said meal. It will take an experienced designer just a simple look at an individual to know his waist size, height, broadness, shoe size and just the perfect cuts of materials without measure to sew him a perfect clothing.
What inherent part of us, enables us to intuitively know the right answers to questions, and make decisions that needs more than just mere guess work.

If practice leads to perfection;
What is it in practice that leads to perfection. And what is it about practice that causes perfection.

Is it the fact that practice basically changes our approach. If so should we get rid of the long practice and just change people’s mindset when it comes to approach, or is there just more to how practice leads to excellence.
Food for thought.

Please share this post with as many people as possible, and lets see what answers we come up with.

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