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How you feel ; really important

Is how you feel really important?

Does the way you feel about a situation really matter.
If you were to dance to a tune, will the way you feel at that particular moment really matter?
If you are asked to run, will the way you feel at that moment really matter? 

There is a body-mind connection idea that we really need to tinker with. You body influences you mind, as you mind also do.
You can change the way you feel about something, and by the response you give with your body.
Your mind must continuously work with your body, in order, to create the right feelings.
If your mind is sad, let your body be happy
If your body is sad, think happy thoughts.
The truth is easier to influence your mind with your body and way more difficult to influence your mind with your body – yet we cant rule out the minds more powerful influence over the body.
It matters how you feel when it comes to getting something done.

The advice you can always tinker with the body-mind connection idea , to help you choose how you really want to feel.
Run, when you are on heat.
Laugh, when you are angry.
Jump and kick the air, when you are bored.

You have a choice and this idea of mind-body connection helps you, it forces you to think thoughts that align with your body. 

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It is important one realizes , the subtleness of communication.
The response you get, is really the response you get.
To change that response you need to do something different  

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Attitude To Religion

It’s sad that the historical validity of the existence of religious teachers is relied upon in order to appreciate the teachings. Whatever may be the reputation behind a set of words, one could give it a chance at making meaning. Perhaps, the words said have quite significant sense in them in interpreting the experience of life.

An attitude to life that takes the negative and interprets or redirects it positively is quite a valuable one and will get one far. The proverbial dark cloud with a silver lining.

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Need As Love

At the popular breakfast spot today, the toddler requested for money from the oldman:

“Oldman, gimme money, oldman gimme money…”

The oldman smiled at this as he took out a coin for the approaching boy. He might have been his grandfather, I didn’t ask. However, what I’m gonna say still works; what hit me was this:

People love to be needed. That sense of being needed is one of love because, it is first a sense of acceptance. It works like this: the needed always fills a void, a need. In that sense, a need leads to an acceptance. An empty glass cannot be filled without accepting the incoming liquid.

But, to wish to be needed extensively by one person is an undeveloped sense of love for extended need is dependency.

Need as fledgling love.

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The Birth Of Responsibility

A lot of people think having a family will give them a sense of responsibility that will make them take life more seriously. This betrays a lack of love for both self and other.

At once one is born, one is responsible for what is around one. Ones presence affects the goings-on around one. One is responsible for the men and things around one and their relationship to him. This means one is supposed to take more seriously the effects one has on others as well as the effects they have on one.

It is interesting that as one figures more clearly hence more truthfully the men and things around one plus ones relationships with them, one also figures more of oneself. One of the strongest arts of nature is mimicry and humanity has it in abundance – it however does not have to be exact.

Life as soon as it begins is already serious business. Everything’s a son, a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend.

This is a notion to inspire an attitude to life not that life is actually so.

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Problem Of Language

Language has taken such a beating in recent times that you wonder if you and another are saying anything meaningful to each other. The enormous subjectivity in the world makes one wonder: “does he even understand me at all? are we speaking the same language?”.

It clearly emphasizes the need for a shared or objective language.

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The Importance of Information In Daily Life

It is important to make informed decisions. People usually forget this principle when they or someone they love is hurt. How does one make a painting without a vision? One must look carefully and then clear thinking can have the material to make a decision.

Because of this ignorance, they hurt more than they have been hurt. This is primarily the origin of revenge emotions but that is another topic.

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The Problem Of Purpose #3

Continued from: The Problem Of Purpose #2

One good way to find your purpose is to find that which pricks you most, that you haven’t achieved.

People get hurt at many things, physical and emotional, some of them are easily forgotten, some less so, and others, not at all. Here, let us focus, using an example, on those that have to do with life accomplishments.

Example: if one is deeply hurt from insult aimed at ones poverty and its effect on quality of life – it means one wishes to achieve material wealth and a better quality of life. At that, you then set the purpose and initiate study of the behaviors of those who are wealthy and model after them. Observe the behaviors that make them successful, not those that bring them down. Study the rise of the man, study his downfall, now, do the calculations and you know what to and what not to do.

How to achieve purposes is a whole other topic, a big one.

There are many role models in the world, you can compare your life to theirs and try to make your life better through their accomplishments. It is not envy, it is taking an opportunity from anothers good fortune. You find which role impassions you most to get – it hurts you that you do not have it. You do not envy the person, you just want to achieve some of what he has. There’s nothing wrong with modeling.

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The Problem Of Purpose #2

Continued from: The Problem Of Purpose #1

A firm possession of purpose is good motivation to alleviate your problems. Once a purpose is set, one realizes that personal problems are impediments in achieving them.

People who have aims see mishaps as challenges and meet them for their eyes are on the prize. They exercise due prudence but it is the prize or nothing – that does not mean shun the rest of your life like most do. Without aims, one will have problems because life looks purposeless. The exercise of due diligence to solve them is absent for there is nothing to drive such application of self. When they are just there, getting inadequate or no able attention, mishaps will be annoying grievances – problems.

Some advice on finding ones purpose is therefore very valuable.

As you solve the ‘problems’, new parts of your life are uncovered and you enjoy life even more than you bargained for.

One has to be creative to solve problems. Get yourself a purpose and indirectly solve your problems and make your life better.

Continued: The Problem Of Purpose #3

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The Problem Of Purpose #1

People tend to wallow in their personal problems. This is usually due to fear for ones image or a false notion that no one can help. This notion of helplessness usually stems from failures of past help or ignorance that it is a problem. The causes are also problems.

Significantly, these problems impede the enjoyment of your life. As you keep wallowing, all you do is to wait for death. This means one must seek help in alleviating these problems in much the same way that one seeks help from a doctor for a fever. Don’t fear stigma, it is you who perpetuate it by not standing up for your human fallibility.

Continued: The Problem Of Purpose #2

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