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Language and communication

For sometime now , I have been working in a store . My job there is to help carry stuffs outside for display .
One of the people I work with is an old man who is dumb and deaf. Sometimes I wonder where he gets his strength from – one time my auntie told me dumb people dont have holes in their bones, so they dont feel pain. She got me laughing – I was asking myself, where did she learn that from. Is it science or superstition?
Anyway , there was a day I was supposed to pick something from the store room, when I entered the room I found the old man talking to the stuffs – the old man was talking to bags of rice, he was about to carry. I wasnt shocked at the sight, it rather got me thinking. After this occasion, I saw him on countless others talking( making gestures) to the rice bags and usually whatever he had to lift.

He did this only when he was alone in the room, and when he realizes someone is around, he stops.
I guess somehow he knows, only mad people talk to things.
The other boys at the store always laughed when they saw him do that, but it wasn’t a funny scene for me.
I just had this feeling, that there’s got to be something more to it.
Was he talking to these things so their weight becomes lighter,Or was it that he’s been doing this job for so long , that he’d developed a relationship with the goods.
And the question that really hit me was ; Is there a language beyond what we’ve developed?
Is there a more intelligent means of communicating than through written or spoken words.

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