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The Mirror is a perfect liar

The mirror is a perfect liar – Why? Well findings are that the mirror can heal just by telling the brain a lie.
The idea is your brain is a command center which ultimately controls the whole body system, and it works based on the information you give it.

A true story – There was a man who was totally drunk at a party he organized. It was one of the happiest day of his life, but he had began to make a fool of himself. When he realized his behavior was going out of hands. He climbed upstairs to his room , and stood beforeĀ  his dressing mirror and lied to himself.
“Listen Joe, everyone out there thinks you are drunk , but that’s a lie. You are perfectly fine. Look at you, your eyes are lit, your body is steady, you are well dressed. Now I want you to go out there and act like the perfect gentleman that you are.”
Joe went down stairs no more drunk.
There even more stunning instances where mirrors are used to heal chronic pain.

I will need some more time to sit behind my computer and bring you all those great examples. But the take away for me in these stories is ; Possibilities are endless, the truth can become a lie, and the lie the truth. It doesn’t really matter, your brain will only do what you ask it to.

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