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More than words

Real communication goes beyond what you say. It has more to do with how the message is passed on.
The question we usually pay less attention to albeit is ; what goes into the how – How is the how done.

Without effective communication we fail completely at passing on the intents of our message. Failing to pass on the intents of our message leads to the demise of our social prowess. Failing to communicate effectively is failing to commune with the intended subject. Our message failing to get home means we not having the results we need.

The advise here is , communication is more than words. It must come from an understanding of the results we wish to achieve. With the right understanding, will come right thoughts and with the right thoughts will come the right actions.
When you are communicating with someone, you are communicating your thoughts, which easily show in your eyes and your body language , words may be just from memory – What you are thinking is more important than what you are saying.

Your words needs to correlate with your thoughts and your thoughts need to correlate with a deeper understanding of the kind of results you wish to achieve.

Watch the animals around and you’ll notice a higher form of communication – one that words play no role.

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